VOLO Vehicular Operating Locker

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Area-17 has been working for a long time with many companies in the retail industry. The present situation caused by COVID-19 seriously affected their business commerce. We felt that the right thing to do was starting a conversation with them to envision alternative solutions matching the current lifestyle, which could be a reoccurring future scenario.

The ongoing epidemic has shown the fragility of our conventions. We had taken for granted everyday interactions that used to fulfill our physiologic, emotional, and social needs. The absence of any certainty for the future ahead urges us to respond with creative solutions, which enables us to fulfill those needs even when our lifestyle changes.  We thought of proposing “VOLO” by rethinking essential actions, such as grocery shopping.

VOLO is a flexible system of delivery aiming to protect both customers and operators, so that no one will feel at risk. It is a mobile-locker concept, designed for grocery shopping but also adaptable to anything that would fit in a single locker. The system could work for both retail and F&B industries.

VOLO is a container fitted with one or more thermo-adjustable lockers. The container is then set on a trailer and easily moved to deliver the orders placed online. VOLO is loaded inside a storage, where people operate with precaution and take safety measures in a secure environment. The carrier brings VOLO to its destination point. Any parking spot for electric vehicles can be suitable for the lockers as they can be plugged-in and maintain the required temperature. While VOLO is parked, the carrier can leave and move around other containers. Customers receive a notification on their phone through an app, telling them when they can safely pick up their groceries in the provided destination. Thanks to a flux-regulation system, each customer will have access to VOLO one at a time by entering on one end and exiting on the other. This way any interaction among customers or between a customer and the carrier is eliminated. Once all the orders are picked up, VOLO is ready to go back to the storage and start another journey.

Planning, flexibility, adaptability, and protection: these are the principles in which VOLO is rooted. Since no one is expecting to go back to their former shopping habits any time soon, the importance of a new model for shopping that limits random interactions will soon be a priority in business development. The positive aspect of this system is that it is quick to set up as a flexible transporter and adaptable to work as a traditional locker in a fixed location when the emergency is over.

VOLO rethinks the distribution of basic supplies in order to respect everyone’s rights: do not give up your needs, do not give up your safety. With VOLO, no one will feel at risk as everyone will be protected and move in a safe environment.

At this time, we are given the opportunity to think of solutions that may become consistent parts of our future. Area-17’s team wants to take this opportunity and start a conversation with those who have been working with us and the wider community. Let’s do something for the protection of everyone. Join us at www:area-17.com/VOLO