HONG KONG, China 80 sqm 2014

In 2011 Luca Caprai created the first Cruciani lace bracelet, which has since become a pop icon in the contemporary luxury fashion market. His creations are inspired by the renowned private textile collection of his father, Arnaldo Caprai. When asked to design the new concept for the Asia-Pacific market, Area-17 drew inspiration from the idea of exhibiting a piece of Pop Art in a museum and designed a contemporary gallery like store, where exquisite masterpieces of “Made in Italy” are displayed.

HARBIN, China 90 sqm 2014

D’modes is a French fashion brand, introduced to the Asian market by Canada Aushire Enterprises. Area-17 gave voice to the themes of the collection designed by Francesco Scianni through a design that evoked a rarefied Parisian atmosphere, as well as the sophisticated but understated elegance of French women.

SHANGHAI, China 60 sqm 2013

The Cocoon Boutique is located inside the Times Square Mall, in the heart of Shanghai’s shopping center, where tourists and residents crowd into stores at all hours of the day. The brand’s very name gave Area-17 the creative hint to design the concept: a cocoon is a casing protecting the pupa before it becomes a butterfly.