Location: BOLOGNA, Italy 360 sqm 2019
Client: Iris Ceramica SPA
Type: Exhibition

As workspaces have becoming increasingly hybrid environments, Area-17 Architecture & Interiors designed a 2019 Iris Ceramica stand where relation and exhibition live side by side up to blending together. The display happens within the rarefied complexity of an architectural landscape that defines both areas and functions.

A neat outer shell borders three sides of the stand, which opens up completely on the main front with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, revealing the preciousness of the interiors. The entrance is an invitation to discover the Iris Ceramica collection, hanging on the walls like in a museum exhibition itinerary.
The core of the stand is a fluid shape that encloses all the relational areas: from private meeting rooms to shared tables, from informal lounges to the open bar, ultimate functional and focal point. The interior design reminds of the atmosphere of an exclusive club, furnished with warm yet refined pieces. The walls’ curvy outline is echoed in the flooring’s oval inlays as well as in the upholstery. Colors are bright and saturated and enhanced by the contrast between textures and finishes. All the latest products find an application in the design, including the custom-made pieces of furniture, tailored with a new ceramic outfit for this specific occasion.