Italy 2019

Bell is the snapshot of a movement. The truncated-cone volume synthetizes the shape of a real bell, whose oscillation is captured in a single instant. The incline of the lamp implies dynamism, an unstable temporary balance, which strikingly contrasts the obvious static nature that belong to an object of such great dimensions.

BOLOGNA, Italy 360 sqm 2018

Iris Ceramica stand designed by Area-17 for Cersaie 2018 demonstrates the ability of interpreting contemporary spaces using the ceramic material in an unexpected way. This year, the inspiration comes from the latest trends in co-working environments, where new ways of interacting and doing business ask for new architectural languages.

Italy 2018

Martinelli Luce celebrates Cobra lamp 50th anniversary with twenty-three signature re-editions by designers and artists working with the brand, among which Area-17 Architecture & Interiors. The new projects were disclosed at La Triennale di Milano on the occasion of the exhibition- event Cobra Texture, which opened February 27th, 2018. Each new edition comes in 30 signed and numbered pieces, plus three art trials.