Location: FIORANO MODENESE, Italy 5'000 sqm 2018
Client: Iris Ceramica SPA
Type: Workspaces

The partnership between Area-17 Architecture & Interiors and Iris Ceramica Group continues with a renovation work that combines distinctive features of contemporary design with a great respect for what the brand means for its surroundings and the people living there. The refurbishment of the historic Iris Ceramica headquarters arises from two main needs: integrating the original building from the ’60s with the brand-new showroom’s volumes, and remodeling the interiors, which underwent a change in functions over the past decades. It also states the choice to consolidate a weighty brand identity and return it to employees and clients with a new, stronger visual image.

A careful design approach made it possible to preserve the original and distinctive elements on the façade, updating the layout through the addition of contemporary details. A landscape work crucially harmonizes the overall perspective. The vertical movement of green areas softens the transition from a building to another. A sculptural, semitransparent ceramic fence surrounds everything, expressing the full emotional potential of the material. 
With an architectural vocabulary that quotes the ‘60s lightly, inside the research of a balance between innovation and tradition focuses on the evolution of functions and on the interplay among new environments. The entrance opens onto a hall which rises from the floor to the very top of the building, featuring a monumental ledwall screening the brand’s visual communication. On each side of the hall there are museum rooms, where Iris Ceramica’s history is told through a powerful storytelling display about products, people, values, and projects. 
The full-height volume ideally connects the museum to the office area, the past history to the one that has being written, acting both as an architectural joint and cross narrative synthesis. This environment where wait, reception, and brand communication are dynamically blended together creates the premise for a new approach to business relationships and for effectively conveying the company’s vision to visitors.


SHANGHAI, China 3'200 sqm 2021

Joint-Harvest, a technical company that integrates sales, R&D and supply chain services, commissioned Area-17 Architecture & Interiors to design its Shanghai HQ. The workspace was meant to foster social interactions among the large company staff. The 3.200 sqm, spanning over 4 floors, depict the interplay of an ordinary day of work through wide open spaces and informal settings. A sincere mood of enjoying life in all its aspects is reinforced by a palette of bright, warm colors.


China 2020

Deli PLUS is a young office furniture brand, co-founded by China's Deli Group and Japan's PLUS group. Area-17 has been supporting the project from the very beginning and was therefore able to permeate this new concept with Italian design’s culture and principles. The tree first showrooms - Hangzhou, Suzhou and Guangzhou - have been thought and realized simultaneously to mark the launch of this design venture and to set off a strong brand identity.


BOLOGNA, Italy 360 sqm 2021

The Iris Ceramica Group Stand at Cersaie 2021 is designed by Area-17 Architecture & Interiors as a public square where visitors can safely meet in its wide, open spaces. Within this urban ecosystem, a few magic boxes interact with people. Moving through them, visitors discover variable views telling the brand’s core values that defined the company’s history and still inspire its future steps.


SINGAPORE 90 sqm 2020

A giant octopus animated for few months the ION Orchard shopping centre’s atrium. It belonged to Panerai pop-up store, a nautically-themed universe set up to not only celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Panerai Luminor, but also serving as temporary holding grounds whilst its flagship boutique within the same mall underwent a refurbishment. 

FOSHAN, China 620 sqm 2021

Tencent is a Chinese multinational technology company, among the world's top ones in the field. It is the largest video-game vendor and among the largest social media corporations. Credited as one of the world's most innovative companies, this naturally inspired Area-17 in envisioning the Tencent GBA Industrial Internet Experience Center as a place where the visitor can experience the extraordinary, rather than simply learning about a product or service. The showroom’s multimedia design is powered by WeShape (Beijing) Digital Technology Co., Ltd., which applied a variety of high-tech display equipment and interactive devices to shape a complete map of solutions connecting the physical to the digital world and to the cloud hyperspace.


SALERNO, Italy 150 sqm 2020

Nestled on Southern Italy hills, this apartment is designed by Area-17 as a seamless space alternating opaque and transparent volumes, flooded by natural light. The idea of connectivity shapes a new interiors’ layout: the minimalistic cube of the kitchen opens on the dining and living area. The result is a refined yet casual environment, tailored on the family social life’s routine.


SHANGHAI, China 240 sqm 2020

K&Irene is a jewellery brand of French heritage that recently opened its first store at Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai. Area-17 Architecture & Interiors designed a new retail concept enhancing the brand identity as well as oversaw the realization of the Shanghai boutique. As a precious piece of antique jewelry, the more you get closer the more the store reveals itself in a combination of sophisticated details.

HONG KONG, China 240 sqm 2019

Area-17 worked together with Juventus FC team to design the new company’s APAC offices located in the Central district of Hong Kong, one of the most renowned international business hubs. The leading ideas behind this overseas agency are strengthening the brand’s awareness worldwide and fostering a close relationship with global and regional partners.