SHANGHAI, China 350 sqm 2016

Area-17 designed the Ellai stand for Kitchen & Bath China 2016, which opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on July 1st, 2016. Fully in line with the brand’s motto – Live life –, Ellai Booth is inspired by the idea of the visit as a discovery.

MONTE CARLO, Principality of Monaco 200 sqm 2015

Located in the heart of the French Riviera’s vibrant life, Your’s Boutique is an elegant and glamorous setting for an exclusive shopping experience. The retail space is organized as a residential palace, where the domestic appeal of relaxed luxury puts the upscale clientele at ease.

FLORENCE, Italy 175 sqm 2015

The successful partnership between Area-17 and luxury brands continues with the opening of the fourth Italian Longchamp flag-ship store in the heart of Florence, just a few steps away from masterpieces of Renaissance architecture. In the bright and welcoming space, the minimalist yet sophisticated design aims to enhance the appreciation of the products.